Hand blown crystal glass component, each piece individually shaped, with nanocoating finish. Each piece is a unique creation. Each handcrafted individually shaped piece of glass. This is exactly the thought behind this glass component, which combines our specialties of hand blown crystal glass and nano-coating technology. The two techniques intricately combine to create each
unique element, lovingly tailored to myriad possibilities for any interior.

$ 15,831$ 18,202

Amber SilveredAmber SilveredAmber SilveredAque SilveredAque SilveredAque SilveredCrystal Clear SilveredCrystal Clear SilveredCrystal Clear SilveredSmoke SilveredSmoke SilveredSmoke Silvered
200cm (D) × 150cm (H)200cm (D) × 150cm (H)300cm (L) × 10cm (D)300cm (L) × 10cm (D)300cm (L) × 350cm (W) × 10cm (D)300cm (L) × 350cm (W) × 10cm (D)
CeilingCeiling MountedWallWall Lights
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