Loops Pendants

This collection was originated from an almost utopian idea: let the light source free from the universal constraints of traditional existing electrical systems, break the rules, and free the light. Through leading edge innovation our vision became reality, enabling seemingly magical hoops to be simply transferred between wall lamps, pendants, chandeliers and floor lamps as needed, in this way, we have freed the light!

$ 1,493$ 3,064

127cm (High) 4 Rings
40cm (Left) 80cm (Right) 50cm (High) 4 Rings
40cm (Left) 80cm (Right) 80cm (High) 4 Rings
50cm (High) x 40cm (Wide)
80cm (Left) 10cm (Right) 50cm (High) 3 Rings
60cm (Left) 60cm (Right) 50cm High, 4 Rings
60cm (Left) 60cm (right) 80cm High, 4 Rings
80cm (Left) 10cm (Right) 80cm (High) 3 Rings
80cm (Left) 80cm (Right) 50cm (High) 5 Rings
80cm (Left) 80cm (Right) 80cm (High) 5 Rings
White Gold Paint 2427
Not Dimmable
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