Lederam C150

Lederam C150 – LED ceiling lamp with adjustable reflector

The elegant ceiling lamp Lederam C150 wows with a delicate shape, elegant surfaces and an indirect, mysterious light.

Lederam C150 consists of two flat and softly convex discs and of a connecting rod. The larger of the discs is affixed to the ceiling by means of an inconspicuous base, with the concave side facing downwards. The slender rod connects this disc with the smaller one; the latter has its concave side facing upwards. It also contains the LED light source that emits light upwards and thus illuminates the larger disc. It reflects the light downwards into the room – glare-free and in a mysterious way.

The elegant ceiling lamp is available in various colors and has a discrete or a glamorous appearance. The integrated LED create an atmospheric and pleasant illumination because their light intensity can be varied and their light color is warm white.

$ 631$ 798

Shade Ø 50 cm black/copper / black rod / copper disc
Shade Ø 50 cm black/gold / black rod / gold disc
Shade Ø 50 cm white/gold / satin rod / white disc
Shade Ø 50 cm white/white / gold rod / white disc
Shade Ø 50 cm white/white / satin rod / white disc
Shade Ø 50 cm white/white / white rod / white disc
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