Lighting Design Services Australia & New Zealand

We’re an independent, multi-disciplinary design team. We work collaboratively to create and deliver inspirational lighting schemes luxury homes, hospitality, heritage projects and fine art collections. We have a passion for enhancing and transforming wonderful spaces with light.

Great lighting design is transformational

Light is often the single most important factor in a room yet it is frequently overlooked. Great lighting design alters perceptions of light and space, creating focal points and enhancing features, and creating moods or enabling tasks.

We’re lighting designers; it’s both an art and a science.  It requires both creative flair and mastery of a varied, complex and continually evolving set of disciplines.  Critically it’s also about really understanding each client and being able to help them transform their aspirations and dreams into reality.

We’re one of a few lighting design companies that specialise in decorative and architectural lighting, that’s because we understand the importance of mood and function of a space and how they interact at different times of the day – and how lighting can be tuned on demand to transform a space in a second.

We also understand that lighting is a discipline that architects and interior designers get wrong more often then they get right, so we’re here to help achieve the best results from their spaces with lighting design services that include: appraisals, full 3D lighting simulation modelling, detailed lighting plans, product specifying and international procurement.


Our Lighting Design Service Fees:

Lighting plan appraisals: Charged by the hour (minimum 1 hour invoiced): $225 + GST

Custom Lighting product design charged on a time and materials basis at $250 + GST per hour.

General lighting design charged on a time (by the hour) and materials basis: $225 + GST

Travel, meetings and site visits charged at $195 + GST per hour (or part thereof)

Lighting Packages (interiors only):

Small dwelling – less than $200m2: $4,995 + GST *

Medium dwelling – 201m2 to 400m2: 7,995 + GST *

Large dwelling – 401m2 to 1,000m2: $15,000 + GST *

Dwellings over 1,000m2: price on application.

Landscape designs – charged on a time and materials basis at  $250 + GST per hour.

* Includes up to 3 lighting design revisions. Additional revisions charged on a time and materials basis at $225 + GST per hour.

All services can be tailored to suit your project requirements. Please contact Project Lighting to learn more.

For Australian customers GST is not charged.

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