The Lighting Architects

At Project Lighting we call ourselves Lighting Architects because we don’t just concentrate on architectural lighting like most lighting designers do, we carefully balance architectural, decorative and sculptural lighting into our lighting designs, taking into consideration furniture plans, wall, ceiling and floor textures, art and key building attributes. We even help with building design when a truly special space is required.

Our core design focus is to enhance the most important features in your space, suggesting which elements need lighting and which don’t. Our lighting designs have the technical backup of Europe’s leading lighting manufacturers that help transfer technical knowledge and understanding to your electrical and automation installers.

It’s important to note that to ensure your design can reach its full potential, the lighting design should be done at the very beginning of a project before electrical first fix. Our lighting designers are based in New Zealand, Australia and Europe and have worked on schemes in over 45 countries around the world.

Our Lighting design services can be contracted on a standalone time and materials basis or a tailored full project design, specification, procurement and installation service – which often allows for a discounted design service to ease the pressure on your building budget.

Please contact us today to learn more about our lighting design services and how we can tailor them to help you deliver market leading luxury residential, hospitality and hotel projects.

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