Pollux gets its name from a galactic giant that’s been lighting up the dark void of space for eons. Designer Jiří Krišica, a Gemini, would stare up at this deep space colossus, which is a part of Gemini constellation, and bask in its majesty.

To do justice to its name he knew he would have to blend traditional methods with cutting-edge technology. Innovative nano-coating is used to bring Pollux into the modern era, which gives it a smooth shine, but simultaneously maintains an organic feel using traditional lenticular brushes. The luminaire is hand-blown using blue glass, giving the viewer a feeling that it could possibly live in two worlds. The brass finish is the crescendo to this epic, and ties together the story of a space odyssey.

$ 2,490$ 14,975

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Sans Souci

Sans Souci is a leading Czech designer and producer of tailor-made design light fixtures and decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architecture features.

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