As source of all life, the ocean-inspired our designer Mr. Lukačka for both naming his piece “Origin” and choosing the shape of a seashell. Carrying through this marine theme, using artisanal glass-blowing techniques, tiny delicate bubbles are embedded into the crystal luminaire. They embody the story of deep-sea exploration in a landscape where the only traces we can leave behind are bubbles. These air pockets also reflect the light differently, giving it a magical, multi-colored aura of mystery, which is synonymous with oceanic adventure.

The transparency of this Bohemian crystal artwork is efficiently contrasted by black leather. As the designer points out: “With Origin, onlookers get to see how raw and modern, light and dark, boldness and delicacy interact.

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Sans Souci

Sans Souci is a leading Czech designer and producer of tailor-made design light fixtures and decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architecture features.

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