Motus Pendant Lamp

Unconditional freedom and ability to adapt to a stimulating environment and changing needs. This is the common denominator between Motus and a skill sport such as vertical wall climbing. Press and Release. A single interaction, a simple movement. Motus slides along its power cord, adjusting to different heights and supporting itself thanks to its own weight.

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$ 854

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Light Source

Colour Temperature K




Kundalini KDLN products combine a strong Italian identity with a renowned cosmopolitan style on the international scene. Leading player in the field of lighting solutions, for years the company has been offering indoor and outdoor lighting, capable of combining functionality, practicality and the use of high quality materials. Each lamp by Kundalini is the result of a deep stylistic and technological research, consistent with the core spirit of the company, highly unconventional and always at the forefront in regard to the choice of colours, lines and projects to be developed.