Blossom Table Lamp

Blossom is a positive, aesthetic design. Hidden in the name of the new collection by Teresa Sapey + Partners lies a clear and natural message. The Blossom table lamp is an object that opens up, but is also delicate and fleeting. Its asymmetrical shape and color changes depending on the observer’s point of view, as do its weaves and wefts. Blossom is a design intended to produce elegant lighting effects in any type of environment.

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Weight3.8 kg
Dimensions30 × 28 × 60 cm







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a-emotional light

The centre of our project is the human being”. Arturo Alvarez's ethos of wellbeing and positive emotion is reflected in the designs he creates and the techniques he uses; all his lamps are inspired by the natural environment – as well as the arts and crafts traditions - of the brand’s base in north-western Spain. Although the company’s been designing and producing award-winning, contemporary hand-made lighting for over 20 years, Arturo Alvarez also has one foot firmly rooted in the future. Having already developed an innovative mesh-like material, he’s always seeking to introduce new technologies which help increase sustainable production and energy efficiency.