Argento Translucent

ARGENTO is a decor in a gray-silver base color with structures in the same color spectrum. Thanks to its unobtrusive but elegant silver color and appealing stone structure, our Argento has been one of our bestsellers for years. Whether in the living room, kitchen or bar: the finished result will convince everyone with its class and shine. The mica slate decors usually have a somewhat rougher surface with homogeneous patterns. A special eye-catcher is the glossy effect created by the natural quartzite content in the stone.

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Real stone: our quality feature

Slate-Lite is manufactured from layered stone. Color differences in the individual slabs as well as quartz veins running through the stone, natural cracks or slight chipping may occur.This is not a defect, but rather a characteristic of the genuine natural stone surface and makes each Slate-Lite stone sheet absolutely unique!

Photo matching service

Please note that the material images shown here are only examples of this decor. Each Slate-Lite stone sheet is unique and may vary from the images shown here.
With our optional photo matching service , you will receive photos of the current available batches of the material after you place your order and can choose your personal favorite before delivery!
This way, despite the 100% natural stone surface with its changing colors and textures per sheet, you have full control over the look of your delivered stone veneers.
(Currently this service is not available for the formats 30×60 cm and our stacking stones).

Translucent: The translucent stone veneer

Our TRANSLUCENT product line lets you become a light designer: Thanks to the transparent carrier material, unique light effects shine with a light source behind the stone leaf – the stone seems to glow out of itself! Depending on the type of light, different effects are achieved: you can use cold, warm or even colored light to create your individual stone light object.

Create incredible eye-catchers with backlit stone in the blink of an eye and transform your living or business space into a design statement with maximum radiance.

Keyfacts for Translucent:

  • 100% natural stone surface
  • Translucent thanks to transparent backside
  • Bendable radius: approx. 10 cm
  • Suitable for all light sources and light colors
  • Weight approx. 1.5 kg / m²

More detailed information on Slate-Lite can be found in the ► Datasheet

Also use our ► Instructions for application.

Quick and easy processing

With our stone veneers you renovate quickly & easily, without any special tools!
Simply cut to size as required, apply adhesive, press on stone leaves and you’re done!
(Please note that depending on the place of application, you should impregnate or seal the stone surface with a suitable protective product from our range. This applies to places with high load such as in wet areas, the kitchen, as flooring or partly in outdoor areas).

If you want to use Translucent outdoors or in wet areas, please impregnate or seal the material in advance. Of course, we offer you all suitable products for processing, protecting and maintaining your real stone veneers here in our shop. When used outdoors, we recommend the Slate-Lite Special Impregnator, the Slate-Lite Special Protection or no protective impregnation.In the kitchen as a backsplash, we recommend the Slate-Lite 2K-Protection Wall.


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Slate Lite

Slate Lite is an innovative real stone veneer consisting of an ultra-thin natural stone layer and a carrier reinforced with glass fibers or cotton. We have developed a special process to produce many wafer-thin slabs from the most beautiful stone blocks in the world. Each of these slabs is unique and handcrafted in over 12 processing steps. Despite its lightness, Slate-Lite stone veneer retains the feel and look of a solid stone slab. At the same time, our stone veneer is only approx. 1.5 mm thin and even flexible! Discover currently more than 70 different decors with unique colours and patterns in our stone veneer range. We offer not only slate, but also limestones, sandstones and even marble for your individual building project!