Colour Rendering Index (CRI) Explained

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is an often-misunderstood metric of colour quality. Yet, for any application where colour appearance is important, CRI consideration is critical. There is a more scientific way…

Lighting Dimming Types

Different Dimming Types Switched Mains  (Non Dimming) If you don’t need to dim your LED fitting then this is the driver type to choose. These drivers will work with conventional…

The Bright Future Of Lighting

BOUTIQUE HOTELS PRIDE THEMSELVES on being different. It’s a segment where hotel designers are able to take chances as a way of differentiation. One of the best ways to achieve distinction is through clever and thoughtful lighting design, essentially by controlling light, colour and ambiance hotels can create multiple moods in a single space, with the goal of creating different spaces without physically changing them. Coloured mood lighting is still lagging in hotel lobbies,

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