About Project Lighting and Ordering FAQ’s

Product Ordering

Carefully select your chosen lights from our website ensuring you select the right options for your application. If you need help specifying the right configuration for your project then please consult your lighting designer, registered electrician or call us and we’ll be happy to help.

For smaller orders we nearly always send by air freight. We use DHL for urgent orders (typically Europe to NZ or AUS – 5 days to one week duration) but this is the most expensive option. For economy air freight we use FedEx or UPS which typically takes 10 days to 2 weeks delivery.

During the checkout process our online eCommerce system will allocate a provisional freight estimate for each package. This is only an estimate as freight rates change often. Once your provisional order is placed and deposit paid we will contact our European based freight team and ask them for a more accurate quote. Once received we will forward the freight quote to you for approval or rejection. If rejected then we will cancel your order and refund your full deposit within 3 working days after the cancellation of your order.

For larger project orders we will negotiate directly with the manufacturer to see if we can offer a project discount. This is where our full project lighting service adds most value to interior designers, architects, lighting designers and project owners as the bigger the order the greater the savings.. We will also offer a sea freight option for these larger orders as this is the most cost-effective way to transport larger shipping volumes.

For sea freight this can take as little as 6 weeks from port to port (Europe to AU/NZ) but more recently sea freight has been troublesome and delivery times have in some cases doubled. Please add contingency to all sea freight duration estimates.

If you’re organising a large project order then we recommend selecting either the Invoice or Purchase Order checkout payment option so that you do not have to make a deposit online. We will organise a new project quote for you with our manufacturers and liaise by email or phone directly with you..

We specialise in custom lighting design and manufacturing. If you have a particular custom lighting requirement then please contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to assist you. Please see our dedicated custom lighting website for inspiration here.

Our custom lighting design and manufacturing services are offered globally. All our lights are made to order in Europe by Europe’s leading artists and artisans.

Please remember we are a specialised lighting design and procurement agency and not a lighting retailer, so we only carry very limited stock which are usually samples.

Manufacturing lead times vary from 1 week to 10 weeks depending on workload and time of year. This is why we have to requote the freight element of your order when production finishes to make sure we are using the most cost-effective shipping method for you at the time of manufacturing completion.

After your made-to-order items have been produced we will ask our freight agents to requote the freight component of the order to ensure we have the most cost effective rate at that point in time. We will advise you of any freight quote changes and if there is an increase in cost then we will invite you to search for better pricing elsewhere. We can also look at shipping by sea but this is only economical for shipments over 1m3 and sometimes is not cheaper than air freight.

It is important to note that you cannot cancel your order once after production has started as all the items have been made to order for you. Please consider this carefully before ordering.

All our freight services are provided at cost, we do not profit from freight so it’s a direct cost to the purchaser.

Australian customers will not be invoiced GST on their original purchase by Project Lighting. However, Australian Customs will charge you GST and any applicable duties upon the freight’s entry into Australia. You as the customer are responsible for paying these taxes and/or duties to Australian Customs and is not refundable by Project Lighting or our manufacturers.

Please note: To the best of our knowledge both New Zealand and Australian registered businesses can claim their GST component back during their GST returns. So please ensure you use your correct business name when ordering if applicable.

It is our recommendation that your insure your freight regardless of value. If you have insured your freight then you must inspect your delivered contents within the first 24 hours of freight receipt. Failure to inspect and report any damage may result in a declined claim by the insurer.

As all freight services are charged at cost by Project Lighting and handled by external suppliers (i.e. DHL, FEdEx or UPS) we are not responsible for any breakages nationally or internationally caused by the freight companies or third parties.

Installation and Compliance

Most lighting products contain electronic components that often require certification for use. Prior to purchase please ensure your registered electrician approves the use of the specified light(s) and is happy to install for you.

Most LED lights will require a device driver. This driver ensures that the right amount of power is delivered to your light for safe operation. Lights vary in performance form model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer, so please ensure you order the correct drivers for your lights and ensure that they are compatible and compliant in your installation location.

Please also note there are various dimming protocols for these drivers (and lights) so again please check carefully what driver and light model you require prior to ordering.

If in doubt ask your registered electrician and contact us for further clarification if necessary.

Some customers may be using automation systems and it is important to check that the drivers and lights ordered are compatible for your desired automation system with your electrician and automation supplier prior to ordering.

We recommend that a reputable registered electrician installs all lights and drivers as per our manufacturers installation instructions.

The electrician installing your lights does not need to be the electrician that you may be using on your main project build. Electricians vary considerably in experience so please ensure you use an experienced electrician who is experienced with installing lighting, especially if automation is involved.


Project Lighting also offers a full custom lighting and manufacturing service that is operated by Project Lighting’s founder. Please visit ianthompsondesign.com for further details.

Project Lighting offers a full range of lighting design services. Please see our dedicated lighting design services page here 

Project lighting has over three decades of experience running design and build projects located in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Please contact Project Lighting to find out more about our Project Management services here

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