A24 Architectural Lighting System by Artemide, Italy (Video)

A.24 Lighting Video

A.‎ 24 is a new comprehensive and flexible system to design light in space.‎ A single profile, only 24 mm thick, can be installed in the recessed, ceiling or suspension mode to continuously follow the angles on a flat or three-dimensional surface.‎ This profile hosts to a variety of performance options: diffused light, sharp optical units with three beam angles, or a smart magnetic track.‎ This makes A.‎ 24 a flexible system, as well as an open platform to accommodate other products from the Architectural collection.‎ The suspension version also features direct emission.‎ The three solutions can be alternated to match the architecture and the room functions with utmost flexibility.‎ The competence of Artemide is revealed by the quality of light, as well as by the ability of A.‎ 24 to freely move in space, with direct power connection points up to 14 metres apart. It is a fluid system that harbours a patented optoelectronic technology.

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